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We are an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We hope to offer comfort to those affected by a devastating loss to SIDS {Sudden Infant Death Syndrome} or SUID {Sudden Unexplained Infant Death} through educational resources, grief support, community, and prayer. We will be sending out the "SIDS Survival Kits" to families in Alabama and Tennessee, and will extend our support to any family that finds themselves on this hard, lonely grief journey. Our goal is to reach newly bereaved parents as soon as possible after their loss of an infant. To order a kit or to find out more about our kit, please go to the SIDS Survival Kit page, or click here. No one should have to walk this road alone!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Honoring Our Son This Holiday Season

This is our 2nd holiday season without our son, though it feels much like the first. Last year at this time we were in such shock, I can't even remember most of what we did. Even though the pain isn't as intense as it was those first few months, we still are in no mood to celebrate. But when we were at the library a few weeks ago, we came up with a wonderful idea to do something for others, and to honor our son, Julius.

While I was sitting at the computer waiting for my husband to search for a book that he wanted, I did a quick search for SIDS/SUID books. And I was shocked to find that there were none in the catalog. I remember how it was those months after the fog lifted, I searched the internet high and low for anything that would help me better understand what had just happened to us. I remember the book that helped us the most during that time was the SIDS and Infant Death Survival Guide: Information and Comfort for Grieving Family and Friends & Professionals Who Seek to Help Them, by Joani Nelson Horchler and Robin Rice {1 of the books in our kit}. And I thought it would be a great idea to donate a few of those books to our local library.

So I contacted the library, and was able to work with someone to make this happened. I dropped off the books this afternoon. The woman I worked with was so gracious and appreciative of our donation. She is even including a plate with the book that says that the books were donated in memory of our son. I'm so glad that we were able to do this in honor of him. If we are able to help even 1 grieving family in our area, it is worth it.

What have you done this holiday season to honor your little one? I love getting new ideas for things to do for Julius.


rebecca said...

That is such an awesome idea and so great they included a plate in Julius's honor! You guys are such amazing parents and what a blessing that book will be to others far into the future!

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