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We are an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We hope to offer comfort to those affected by a devastating loss to SIDS {Sudden Infant Death Syndrome} or SUID {Sudden Unexplained Infant Death} through educational resources, grief support, community, and prayer. We will be sending out the "SIDS Survival Kits" to families in Alabama and Tennessee, and will extend our support to any family that finds themselves on this hard, lonely grief journey. Our goal is to reach newly bereaved parents as soon as possible after their loss of an infant. To order a kit or to find out more about our kit, please go to the SIDS Survival Kit page, or click here. No one should have to walk this road alone!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

SIDS Conference Participation

We've been gearing up to participate in a SIDS Conference that will be taking place next week in our state.

Here's the description of the conference:

When a family has a baby that dies, hopes and dreams are shattered and lives are forever changed. Initial feelings of shock and confusion are combined with questions. What happened? Why me? What did I do to deserve this? Often, the lack of answers to there questions adds to the overwhelming feelings of grief and helplessness. Dealing with the sudden, unexpected death of a baby to any cause is devastation-but in the case of a death for which one may not have answers about why their...baby died can be overwhelming. The conference planned for August will give these infants a voice and educate care givers, first responders, emergency medical staff, fire/medics, law enforcement, physicians, coroners, nurses, social workers and others the tools they need to ask the appropriate questions in a respectful manner after a family has experienced the loss of their child. It is the objective of this conference to research, advocate and educate to ensure that every baby has the opportunity to “Tell Their Story”. The goal of the conference is to educate and provide the resources for gaining needed information to determine why infants die of SIDS/SUDI deaths and to ultimately help reduce Alabama’s morbidity and mortality rates.
This will be the first function that we will be participating in on behalf of our organization. I'm incredibly nervous, considering that my participation may include talking about *that* day. But I know that this is something that we need to do. It's a way for us to talk about our amazing son, and to begin forging relationships with people in the medical community across the state so that we can help more families! We ordered informational cards and magnets for the conference, and they came in yesterday!

In other news, we are still working on filling out the paperwork to obtain non-profit status with the government. The paperwork, understandably, asks for a lot of detail, and information. But we are almost there. I'm hoping by next month I will be able to send it out.